A California State-Accredited, Non-Profit, Tuition-Free, No-Audition-Required, Charter School


Prepared For Success


Majors + Dual Majors

FIND YOUR PATH: Our concentrations allow students to test out their artistic pursuits till they find one that’s right for them. Unlock your creativity through 7 different Major and 5 Dual Major distinctions.


Tuition Free

NO COST TO YOU : Our tuition free and audition free standard allows each and every student the opportunity to receive a world-class 21st century education without barriers.



NO LIMIT ON LOCATION : Unlike other schools, you don’t have to live nearby to attend The SAE - instead, students from all over Southern California travel to be a part of our culture we have here. 60% of students are local Pomona residents and 40% of students commute from over 35 different cities!



A SMALL CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT: With only 750 6th - 12th grade students, SAE students benefit from an intimate learning environment and small classes sizes.

News and Announcements

The Luci Berger Community Dance Center at The School of Arts and Enterprise

We are so very pleased to share that beginning in May we will see the opening of The SAE's newest facility in the Pomona Arts Colony - The Luci Berger Community Dance Center at The School of Arts + Enterprise.  Beginning this summer - The Berger will become another home to SAE DANCE and serve a variety of critical purposes for The SAE's Department of Dance and its ongoing growth.

Spring Into Art!

What a special time to see The School of Arts + Enterprise return to what it does best!  Having the opportunity to experience our students singing, dancing, exhibiting their artwork, playing their instruments and sharing their stories on stage is one of the greatest joys of our school.  In the beginning of 2021, The SAE was honored as a California Department of Education Exemplary Arts Program, the largest recognition the school has ever received from the State of California. When paired with The SAE’s Arts School Network National Exemplary School Award from 2018, it truly affirms that The SAE’s artistic experience is something special. In honor of our Exemplary Arts Program designation, Spring Into ART is the first performance...

Looking To The Future

The nationally award winning The School of Arts + Enterprise (The SAE) continues to look ahead to ensure a strong and stable future. Beginning in the winter of  2021 The SAE began the process of developing a five year strategic plan for the next chapter of our future. Focusing on major pillars for success, the final strategic plan will be presented to the school community in late summer, 2022.

“The SAE has helped me grow as not just an artist, but a person. I can't imagine where I'd be without the SAE, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.”

~ Janessa Gauthier, Class of 2022