We Pour Our Hearts Into This.

Being unique is a brilliant thing. And while it’s something that nearly everyone on the planet has the ability to achieve, fostering this kind of trait isn’t a very common part of any middle or high school curriculum.

It’s our mission to change that.

At The School of Arts + Enterprise, celebrating the originality and eccentricity of each individual here is a significant piece to our culture. And our commitment to that culture is part of the formula that has SAE graduates routinely accepted into the country’s most rigorous universities and arts conservatory programs. 

But how?

Here, student artists are challenged not just by their instructors, but also by their peers, to exceed the bounds of what they think they are capable of. The programs, productions, and exhibitions presented on our campus are thoughtfully developed to stimulate the creativity in each of the young minds that fill up the classrooms here.

The SAE offers student artists access to high level, professionally relevant art curriculums from a regionally recognized cast of faculty members across all disciplines of art. A world class Master Artist Program brings some of the region and nations most influential and diverse artists right into our classrooms – including an opportunity for residencies and master classes presented right here on our school’s campus.

…. Are you excited yet?


“The School of Arts + Enterprise pushed me to find my passions and push myself to go beyond what I could’ve even imagined.”

~ Kaya McWilliams, Class of 2022