See for yourself.

We’re not just here to tell you about how different we are from your average school - we want to show you. Take a look at some of our recent performances, and get to know some of the students who make them possible.

SAE Stories - Ed Tessier

Stitches from Shoshana Bean Live! Featuring SAE students Logan Dawson and Alexa Ocana and Kyle Bolden on Guitar

Sanctuary – From Jason Robert Brown's 58th SubCulture Residency Concert, April 27, 2020

Forever Young featuring Jordan Butler – From Ring The Bells: The Commencement Ceremony of The SAE Class of 2022

SAE Stories - Alexa Yamila - Ocana

SAE Stories - Gean Ponce

“The SAE has helped me grow as not just an artist, but a person. I can't imagine where I'd be without the SAE, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.”

~ Janessa Gauthier, Class of 2022