Most Asked Questions and Answers

Is The School of Arts and Enterprise (The SAE) a private school?
The SAE is not a private school; rather, it is a non-profit Public Charter School.

Do you have to live in Pomona to attend The SAE?
It is not necessary to live in Pomona to attend The SAE. In fact, a number of our students reside outside of Pomona. Each year, we have a growing interest from students residing in other communities—and all are welcome to apply.

Is The SAE free, or do you charge tuition?
The school is a California State Accredited, tuition-free, Public Charter School. No student is admitted or denied based on financial capacity.

Can students enroll in a UC or CSU school from The SAE? 
Absolutely! Ninety-six percent of The SAE’s students go on to the college or university of their choice. In the 2018-19 school year, the SAE had a 100% acceptance rate into college.

Do colleges look at The SAE only as an arts school or a regular public high school?
The School of Arts and Enterprise is a fully California State Accredited, Public Charter High School and Middle School. The school boasts alumni that have entered a wide-array of collegiate and artistic pursuits beyond their high school career. Colleges view The SAE as an educational entity that focuses on the whole child and offers rigorous core academic curriculum as well as world-class artistic education. 

What is the number of students enrolled at The SAE? I believe my child’s success would be better served by an enrollment that is smaller, rather than larger? 
Enrollment at The SAE averages about 440 students in grades 9-12, and 320 in grades 6-8, which results in an intimate community that operates as a caring, respectful family of learners.

What are the GPA requirements for acceptance to the School of Arts and Enterprise? 
Acceptance to The SAE is based on completion of the student’s application.  All students with a passionate interest in the arts are encouraged to apply. Acceptance is based on a first come first served basis.

Is The SAE accredited? 
Yes. On May 5, 2015, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)granted The SAE a six-year term of accreditation, expiring on June 30, 2021. 

Are the classes accredited?  
Yes. The school is accredited by WASC and therefore its classes and curriculum are accredited as well. 

Are The SAE’s teachers credentialed? 
Yes, all of The SAE’s teachers hold a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate,  permit, or equivalent document. All of our core teachers are designated “highly qualified.” 

What if a student is not an expert and/or has no previous training in the arts—or even a particular area of focus in the arts. Is it necessary to have played an instrument, acted, or taken lessons in dance or voice?  
While many students come to The SAE because of an artistic mindset that is yet to be nurtured to its full potential, no previous experience or artistic ability is required for attending The SAE. However, because The SAE approaches learning through projects in the arts and business, the innate “artist” in each student is supported—and becomes the vehicle for the student’s academic success. 

Are the classes taken at The SAE transferrable and accepted by other public high schools and/or districts?  
Yes. The SAE is accredited by WASC; therefore, its classes and curriculum are transferable and accepted by other public high schools and districts. 

If my child is currently in an AP/Honors class, how does that class transfer into The SAE program? 
Any Honors or AP credit will transfer in as Honors/AP credit. The SAE will match incoming credit to courses in our course catalog as closely as possible. 

Does The SAE offer AP/Honors classes? 
We have AP Calculus, AP Music Theory, AP Spanish, AP Studio Art, AP Chemistry, and AP Human Geography. 

Can students take more-or different-arts classes, rather than just the art classes designated within their pathway major?
Students have the opportunity to engage in deep study within their discipline and receive highly-specialized and individualized instruction. Students only major in their respective discipline, and do not double-major, to increase their aptitude and strengthen their focus. Arts departments integrate with one another as needed - but for true depth-of-knowledge and skill development in a college preparatory atmosphere, students focus exclusively on their art major. 



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“The SAE has helped me grow as not just an artist, but a person. I can't imagine where I'd be without the SAE, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.”

~ Janessa Gauthier, Class of 2022