The foundation to any great education.

With one of the most robust high school art programs in the area, it’s no wonder why The School of Arts + Enterprise gets consistent national recognition for our award-winning arts programs. But just in case you WERE wondering, we can break it down a bit for you.

Free from tuition fees, and with no audition required for acceptance, young creatives at The SAE are offered a world class arts education program without barriers. Here, students get the chance to experience a boundless creative curriculum that pushes them to think not just outside of the box, but beyond the shadow of it.

Students are offered countless opportunities to explore and develop their creativity at the beginning of their academic journey with us. By propelling these skills into a league that ultimately outpaces their peers, our students are distinctly prepared to succeed in the artistic industry they choose to delve into. As they grow and move into higher grades, the artistic majors they choose allow their talent and knowledge to grow limitlessly in the area of THEIR choice – not one based on restrictions or class sizing.

Over the years, we’ve learned that this form of education fosters growth not just for the student as an artist, but as a young adult pursuing something they’re passionate about. Learning how to navigate that is important for any artist, but specifically so for those growing to become members of the society we live in today.


Our Commitment to Arts Excellence

We Are Committed!

“The School of Arts + Enterprise pushed me to find my passions and push myself to go beyond what I could’ve even imagined.”

~ Kaya McWilliams, Class of 2022