Ponderers and Pursuers

Though our staff here may be made up of adults, each one of us was sitting at a classroom desk not too long ago. In fact, some of us still do.

It goes without saying that the experiences we have throughout our teenage years are crucial, responsible for setting our course into adulthood. It’s the reason so many of our staff members have chosen to teach and mentor at this level. But above all else, it gives our team here the perspective necessary to understand the shortcomings that can come with a “normal” education. 

The instructors and staff that work here do so because we wanted to be part of something that was both exciting and compelling. It’s why we work tirelessly to provide our students with an educational environment that far exceeds that of your average college preparatory school. 

We consider it our duty to leverage the abilities of each student in a way that encourages their own personal growth, as well as the cultural growth of our society at large. 

We continue to learn from our students the same way they learn from us. And in doing this, we hope to improve upon yesterday’s curriculum in order to build an atmosphere that nurtures the next generation of successful young adults. The type of adults that go on to become future leaders, innovators, mothers, fathers, and neighbors to one another.

We are The SAE.


“The SAE has helped me grow as not just an artist, but a person. I can't imagine where I'd be without the SAE, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.”

~ Janessa Gauthier, Class of 2022