Top 10 Reasons to Choose The SAE

At The School of Arts and Enterprise, there are so many reasons why our 6th-12th grade students are thriving at our tuition-free, audition-free charter school. Here are our top 10!

#1. All Are Welcome Here
All voices are valued here. Our close-knit community of teachers, students and families care about each other and want to hear what all have to say. We encourage expression and celebrate differences. With tuition-free and audition-free enrollment, all are truly welcome at The SAE.

#2. Our Network Works
We partner with our students as they prepare for their futures. From mentorships to admissions visits to networking with industry experts, The SAE’s connections help our graduates get and stay on track with their goals after graduation, including getting accepted into top arts conservatory programs across the country.  After moving on to successful careers, many of our alumni come back to inspire and teach, sharing their expertise and connections with our current students. 

#3. We’re Flexible 
We offer project-based learning in a small school environment, with block scheduling on a rotation to give our students time to finish homework and work on projects during the school day. Wednesday afternoons include options for extended rehearsal time for students who need it. Working on a big project? Looking to learn something new? Students are comfortable coming to our staff with their needs, and we work with them to achieve their goals. 

#4. We Set A National Stage
Did you know that The SAE has one of the largest visual and performing arts seasons in the country? On top of that, we host Ted Talks, a world class Master Artist series, gallery openings and residency series with nationally recognized artists throughout the year. And our graduation ceremony is a standing-room-only event! We’re on the radar with school admissions officers and industry experts. 

#5. We’ll Help You Discover Your Passions
Our rigorous, project-based curriculum encourages students to explore artistic interests and find their passions - starting in 6th grade. Wednesday Afternoon Arts enables students to access classes in 15 different arts programs, so they can pursue interests and maybe discover a new passion in the process!

#6. Intensive Majors
Students in grades 9-12 select a 4-year course of study from 7 majors and 5 dual majors. After-school hours are reserved for tutoring, rehearsals and dual major course work. Rigorous portfolio reviews inspire our students to demonstrate growth and reflection in their majors and prepare for the next steps after graduation.   

#7. Creative Spaces
Our three campuses (Middle School, High School, Arts & Enterprise) are located in the downtown Pomona Arts Colony, surrounded by a thriving professional arts community. Each department features state of the art facilities, including a recording studio, dance studios, theater space, visual art gallery and more. 

#8. Creative Entrepreneurship
We support our students as they prepare for their futures by building enterprise skills. Our students connect their art to creative entrepreneurship and graduate prepared to succeed in whatever interests they choose to pursue. 

#9. Not Your Neighborhood School
Did you know that our students travel from all over Southern California to attend our school? You don’t have to live in our neighborhood to attend The SAE. 60% of students are local Pomona residents and 40% of students commute from over 35 different cities!   

#10. We’re A Family
The SAE is a small school with a big heart. With only 675 students across seven grades, our students benefit from an intimate learning environment and small class sizes. Our small school size enables staff to know students - and their families - personally. When students enroll here, they often report that they’ve found a sense of belonging - that they’re understood and known by their peers and teachers. Welcome to The SAE family!

These are just some of the ways that The School of Arts and Enterprise serves students with top-notch arts education in a creative and caring school environment. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us and enroll today.

About The SAE

The School of Arts and Enterprise (The SAE) is an audition-free and tuition-free arts charter school serving grades 6-12. Our campuses are located in the Pomona, CA Arts Colony, surrounded by a thriving professional arts community. We offer nationally-recognized, award-winning arts education and creative entrepreneurship for young artists through project-based learning and flexible block scheduling. Students are supported by a close-knit community that values creative expression and celebrates differences. Join The SAE today! Enrolling now.

“The SAE has helped me grow as not just an artist, but a person. I can't imagine where I'd be without the SAE, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.”

~ Janessa Gauthier, Class of 2022